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About Our Organization

Our Story

Sky above me. Earth below me. Fire within me.

In 1998, the Twin Cities Fire Soccer Club was formed when three soccer coaches decided that youth soccer needed a change to create a youth soccer experience that was directed by experienced coaches, instead of volunteer parents. They believed that the players were being held back by the Directors of many youth clubs that are not set up to mentor, develop, and push players to achieve their dreams. To honor the 20th year of the youth club, the FIRE SC 98 - WPSL Women’s Team was created to carry on that legacy. This women’s team will provide high level summer play and coaching to college and adult players that are often left to train on their own.

After 20 years of youth development the college age player deserves something better. The WPSL as a league provides players a chance to compete against the best college and post college women’s players together in the same setting. Our goal is to provide a high level experience:

1. The players deserve training and playing environments.

2. The fans deserve a a fun game day experience to watch Minnesota’s female soccer talent.

This is the dawning of a new era in Minnesota Women’s Soccer. The mission of the FIRE 98 SC - WPSL is to establish a platform for the promotion and development of elite women’s soccer opportunities on a local, regional, and national level. Our players will receive top level training, travel, and exposure to the highest levels of competition. Our investors, supporters, and team members will be provided with a first class experience in every area of club operations. The team will be a reflection of diversity and excellence for not only players native to Minnesota, but will have inclusive representation on national and potentially international level. The mixture of varied ages and experience within the team will create a dynamic encompassing an exceptional combination of experience and enthusiasm, which will lead the team to many monumental achievements.

We will FUEL the FIRE of Women’s Soccer in Minnesota.